Organize, cite & share

The easiest way to manage your research documents and references

Click & Collect

One click imports all your existing references (and annotations). One click drags full-text articles into Flow — and enters the reference metadata for you. One click saves references and documents from anywhere on the web (including from behind paywalls).

Frictionless Collaboration

Share readings and collaborate with up to 10 people for free. Review articles with your peers — or your professors. Jointly annotate documents with members of your research group. Collaborate on papers with researchers from any institution, anywhere in the world.

Research Anywhere

Since Flow is cloud-based, there's no software to install or update. You can access your research instantly on any device. And when it comes to writing, Flow for Word for Word and Google Docs syncs with your library so you can cite right in your document.

Tame your workflow


See what makes Flow the only reference and document manager you need

Tame your workflow

Collect with a Click

The "Save to Flow" button captures metadata and full text from many major databases and websites and adds them to your library. Research has never been this simple.

Collaborate and Listen

Share collections privately with up to 10 people for free, inside or outside your institution. Manage access rights to allow selected team members to contribute and add comments to shared collections.

Read & Respond

Whether you're grading essays, preparing your prospectus, or researching your next article, you can use our built-in reader to peruse, highlight, and annotate your documents right in the browser window.

Free Personal Plans

Our free personal plans include unlimited references, collection sharing, and a whopping 2GB of storage! And when you just can't get enough Flow, upgrade to Premium for up to 25 collaborators and 10GB of space.

Look Mom, No Hands!

Flow automatically enters metadata for the majority of documents, leaving your hands free to send an email, make dinner, or text your mom. And if it doesn't, well, there's always autocomplete.

Write, Cite, Go

Flow for Word is the most powerful reference tool for both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It automatically updates your citations, linking to your Flow library from within Word. That’s time (and sanity) saved.

Hassle-Free Switching

Still using Mendeley, Zotero or another reference manager? We won't judge. But just so you know: Flow imports existing libraries (and full text documents) with just a couple of clicks.

Flow ♥ Dropbox

One little click initiates ongoing conversation between your Flow library and Dropbox. Now you can read all your research documents even without wifi — Flow can go wherever you are.

Duplicates, Begone!

Flow automatically detects your duplicate references and helps clean them up. It’s even smart enough to suggest you keep the most useful versions — those with full text, more metadata, or annotations.

Intuitive Design

Our intuitive design makes getting started a cinch. No need to watch videos or wade through pages of documentation first (although we've got those too!). Flow works to simplify your workflow.

Search Everywhere

No need to spend time assigning keywords to your documents: our comprehensive search tool rakes through metadata, annotations, and full text document to provide instant, relevancy ranked results.

So Stylish

Supports all of the 3000+ RefWorks citation styles — the most solid ones around.

Tame your workflow

Flow for Institutions and Companies

Organizing research workflow for academic, corporate, and government libraries and information centers

The best of RefWorks

The latest from the team that delivered RefWorks, the innovators of reference management for more than a decade. Over 1,200 organizations know and trust us to provide market-leading quality and depth in reference management to researchers and students alike. The latest Flow takes that to a whole new level – bringing the full research document management process online, embracing an all-digital workflow.

Prove your library's value

Flow provides your organization with detailed insights into content usage. Not just what articles were searched for or downloaded, but which are actually used in forthcoming research work. Understanding exactly what research materials are most valuable helps the library develop collections and improve its impact. There is no better way to measure the relevancy of your content subscriptions.

A seamless portfolio

Apart from its robust functionality and secure infrastructure, Flow is pivotal within the ProQuest family of products. ProQuest can deliver any mix of technologies to produce a suite of research tools to ensure that your researchers can accomplish all of their research tasks within one comprehensive ecosystem. The exclusive integration across our solutions deliver greater efficiency and a positive patron experience within one integrated research workflow.

Now available to institutions and companies

Find out how to get started with Flow

Easy to manage, yet powerful to use

All levels of users can easily start using Flow without installing anything – a big help for your IT department and little to no administrative effort for the library. Also, your users can create their own accounts, saving you valuable time.

Advanced usage & research analytics

Utilize insight for collection development; know what users are researching and what provides value to them. Libraries have now come to expect an easy way to demonstrate value, these analytics allows the library to improve their value to their patrons and the university.

Respectful of copyrighted materials

Flow is respectful of publisher copyright by offering embedded full text controls that do not facilitate the distribution of full text to large groups and anonymous, public shares of full text.

Built to support the needs of all researchers

With an institutional subscription, all users at your organization can get full access to the best research workflow tool – plus end user features they can't get otherwise, such as institution-wide shares, unlimited collaboration, additional storage space, and much more.

Flow Mendeley Zotero EndNote
Individual user PDF storage limit 10GB included 5GB included 300MB free 5GB
Manage users at institution
Manage Institutional Administrators
Invite users by email address
Easily invite groups of users
Search users by email address
Manage institutional link resolver
Analytics: Top Publications Added
Analytics: Application Usage
Analytics: Filter report by timeframe
Download analytics reports as CSV
Custom library sponsor text in header
World-class support
Premium accounts for all users at your institution

Now available to institutions and companies

Find out how to get started with Flow

A plan for every need

You'll be up and running in less than a minute

Personal Plan

No cost to individuals

2GB Document storage
Share collections with 10 people
Online Community Support

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